Prithvi Singh is the senior staff member in charge of the Mandawa stables and upkeep of the horses. Several generations of his family have worked for the Mandawa family.


Sharwan is the 9th generation of his family to work with the Mandawa family. He makes sure the safaris run smoothly and that everyone is happy! Sharwan knows the region inside and out – and if you want to know anything about the flora and fauna of the area, he’s the man to ask.

Yes, we travel with a simple spa unit. Horse-riding doesn’t come without it’s share of aches and pains at the end of a long day, so we have an in-house masseuse to help make sure everyone’s joints are functioning in tip-top shape!


Gaduram and his wife, Sita are members of the Bhopa tribe, hailing from the Shekhawati region. Each evening they play their traditional soft melodies, reminiscent of times past.


What’s cooking at the camp? No day would be complete without our trip chef – one of the crew from the Mandawa Group of Hotels, all our chefs are five-star trained and alongside cooking up hearty meals to keep everyone full of energy, they would be delighted to take your special requests during the safari.


Also accompanying the safaris are our resident housekeeping staff, who make sure the camps come up and go down smoothly.