Certain things we suggest you to bring on safari are as follows:-

    • A lightweight riding hat.
    • A shade hat with strap / bandana.
    • Riding shoes/ boots/ lightweight running shoes/ sandals.
    • Chaps/ Flippers.
    • Sunglasses with strap / Camera, battery charge, with a cigarette lighter lead.
    • Jodhpurs or breaches/ jeans / riding pants/ shorts or track bottom.
    • Gloves / Sheepskin for saddle.
    • Swimming wear (men trunks/ women swimming costume, sarong).
    • Torch and binoculars.
    • Jersey / fleece or multi-pocketed waistcoat.
    • Any prescribed medication by Doctor.
    • GPS Tracker if you wish / Watch / Alarm clock.
    • Long sleeved cotton shirts.

Please note that insurance companies may only cover you if you wear a properly fitted recognized riding helmet. We do provide basic helmet but to have proper fitted to your size, please bring your own. Basic first Aid kit is available in camp but please make sure to bring any prescription medication with you. Please consult your doctor regarding anti-malarial and any other shots you require before coming to India.